New exhibit: Sailing, Sailing

Kittiwake V, no date

Kittiwake V, no date

Kingston’s storied history of building ocean-going sailing vessels stretches from about 1713, when shipwright Samuel Drew and his son Cornelius set up shop on the Jones River, until 1874, when Edward Holmes launched the brig Helen A. Holmes, or perhaps until 1898 when Edward Ransom built only Kingston’s only steamer, the Tiger. As the era of great sailing ships passed away, for a short time Kingston ruled the yachting world.

Miladi and Rattler, no date

Miladi and Rattler, no date

This month’s exhibit highlights some of the knockabouts, catboats and spritsails built in Kingston and raced in local waters by members of the Kingston Yacht Club, whose annual regatta is this weekend.


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We are the staff and volunteers of the Local History Room at the Kingston (Mass.) Public Library.
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  1. Jan says:

    looks like a “keeper”!!

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