About the Local History Room

The Local History Room (LHR) at the Kingston (Massachusetts) Public Library has grown out of a box of “anything which may promise to be of local interest in the years to come,” as described by Jennie F. McLauthlen, first Librarian of the Frederic C. Adams Public Library, KPL’s predecessor.  The foresight of our first Librarian, and a number of other historically minded Kingstonians, have left an amazing wealth of manuscripts and photographs and publications and artifacts and on and on, all about Kingston.  The Library is proud to care for these materials and to make them available and relevant to anyone with an interest or a question.

Pique of the Week is a quick, fun way to dip into the collections as we put them online.  We want to share what piqued our curiousity this week, but we also want you to talk to us.  Write us a comment and let us know what you think and what you want to see.

For more information, visit the Local History pages on the Kingston Public Library’s website.

View from the Library

The Frederic C. Adams Library, to be exact.

2 thoughts on “About the Local History Room

  1. This is lovely. I graduated from Sacred Heart in Kingston, and though I have lived in New York state since I graduated, this brings back many memories for me. Our house was the former Barnstable County Seat. This building no longer exists, and last I knew a golf course was being built on its site (Bourne).

  2. I am trying to find a picture from the mid 1970s when someone put gloves on the hands of the clock tower in Kingston MA. Does anyone have a picture of that?

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