Pique of the Week is now on the Kingston Public Library website!

The Kingston Public Library has a new website!  If you haven’t had the chance to take a look already, please do. We’ve been working very hard to bring you a dynamic, intuitive, and informative site. Beyond its fresh appearance, it has many great features, one of which is our ability to post new content on a regular basis. This means that the Local History Room page now has a feed for Pique of the Week, where our past blog posts have been brought over. You can also peruse our current and past exhibits.

Going forward, new Pique of the Week entries will be posted on the Kingston Public Library website.

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Origins of the Local History Room

The Local History Room started some time ago, and while the exact date may never be known, the point of initiation is clear: a box of memorabilia carefully kept somewhere in the Frederic C. Adams Library.

Frederic C. Adams Library, no date
Frederic C. Adams Library, no date

At some point during her tenure, which stretched from the Library’s founding in 1898 to her retirement in 1936, Jennie F. McLauthlen “1st Librarian” wrote this undated note

It has been my object to slip into this box anything which may promise to be of local interest in the years to come.  After a generation or two, a picture of the life of Kingston in these days as shown by this varied and heterogeneous collection may prove of value as well as of interest.  At times it may look like a collection of trash, but I trust that my successors may consent to give it house room and perhaps add to it samples of their history.

And consent we do! Thank you Jennie, for saving us from the trash.

Jennie McLauthlen (at right) and friends, no date. Photograph by Emily Drew.
Jennie McLauthlen (at right) and friends, no date. Photograph by Emily Drew.