Happy Thanksgiving from the Viking horde

March of all explorers who came before the Pilgrims in 1620, Plymouth Tercentenary Pageant, 1920
The explorers who came before the Pilgrims, Plymouth Tercentenary Pageant, 1921. Photo by E.P. McLaughlin, Plymouth

Staged to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Pilgrim’s landing, the 1921  Pageant of the Pilgrim Spirit was a sprawling, epic production.  Among its stranger elements — ranking alongside William Bradford’s premonition of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and the Prologue and Finale spoken by  “The Voice of the Rock” — has to be the appearance of the Norsemen.

The pageant program dates the appearance of these early visitors in Plymouth to about 1000 AD, and describes the performance  as “played in pantomime to music.”   Only one role is specifically named — Thorwald played by John Delano — but 46 men from Kingston, Duxbury, Plymouth and Marshfield are  named as players in this scene, including Kingston’s Town Clerk of many years George Cushman.

Given the Norsemen’s spectacular outfits, it seems a shame that Plymouth Rock got more lines.

The program is online in full  here.

Source: Jones River Village Historical Society Collection (photo); Vertical Files: “The Pilgrim Spirit”  (program). 

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